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The geese are back in mass. This photo was taken as the geese flew over the Norfolk marshes, and can be seen most days on their way to the sugarbeet fields in the North Norfolk area.
Find what's happened in the village recently and historically, and what to expect in the near future. Visit the parish council website.  
              Next meeting 6-30pm 7th Dec at Brancaster village hall                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Lots of room on Brancaster's famous spacious beach

 About Brancaster Oyster farm, Mussels and Samphire

Three great award winning pub/restaraunts

Shops, Supermarket and Garage at Deepdale

Barrow common overlooks the village and Beautiful marshes
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 The coastal path upgrade
There was a meeting at Staithe village hall at 2 pm Tuesday 30th Nov to discuss the coastal footpath.
enjoy these places here in Brancaster & Staithe
brancaster beach.jpg

Brancaster Beach

The fabulous beach in Brancaster. Always plenty of room to pitch a windbreaker in the mostly soft sand.  A great place for children to paddle and build sand castles. Very popular with dog owners. A ten minute walk along the beach to the left of the golf club will take you to the spot where the seals bask most days.  Just beware that the tide comes in behind you particularly if you are tempted to walk to the wreck.

mussel men gathering mussels
Mussel gatherers
sea water storage pond

Murray's Pond

The amazing beautiful marshes of Brancaster Staithe.  If you wish you can walk the coastal path along the marshes from Deepdale to Brancaster.  The image above is known as Murray's pond, constructed by local fishermen many years ago to keep the harvested shellfish fresh, although not used for that today as purification tanks are used.

oyster farm in the creek
Ben's oyster farm

Ben's Oyster farm is the largest in Norfolk supplying retail and wholesale outlets in Norfolk and beyond.  Started by his father Cyril more than 30 years ago.  Oysters are in great demand in restaurants and pubs. Although the sea water in the creeks of Brancaster Staithe is among the cleanest in the UK, the oysters go into the purification tanks before marketing.

Cyril's boat seat on the coastal path

Home made from an old boat, kindly constructed by fisherman Cyril for trail walkers to rest and observe the beautiful marshes


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Jon Brown has extensive knowledge of sea birds, their habitats, and the marshes.