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Brancaster Beach

 Room on this beach for everyone and thier dog.

rocks and beach.jpg

Brancaster beach looking from west to east.  The tide is out on this image, so plenty of room for windbreakers and sandcastles.  The rocks in the foreground are those visible in the distance on the east to west image below.

brancaster beach.jpg

Brancaster Beach looking from east to west.  The Royal West Norfolk golf clubhouse can be seen at the main entrance to the beach.  At low tides, it is possible to walk around the rocks to the west part of the beach, where seals usually bask about 300mts along in that direction.  The Links golf course is situated behind the bank on the left.

robs beach.jpg

Rob Williamson took this amazing aerial photo of  Brancaster beach at sunset.  This is one of many great images created by Rob using his drone in the area. Rob is the General manager of the White Horse pub.


People enjoying the beach Paddling and swimming

darrans beach.jpg

The wreck seen from the beach at low tide and once used for bombing practice.  At low tide, some people have taken the long walk out to see it at close range, but be warned that this can be dangerous as the tide comes in quickly from behind trapping adults and children on several occasions.

297303239_10166674551470531_739darran beach 25503199885881980_n.jpg
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